Old Abram Brown on Daytrotter

The Crooked, The Soggy And The Arid Souls

Old Abram Brown’s lead singer, Carson Lund, creates the landscape of a soggy soul that’s prone to get prolonged droughts that last for indeterminate lengths of time, as droughts are wont to do… The piano has set us up for the slow and full-bodied crying and the horns make you feel like you’re walking across a bloody battlefield the morning after, just to survey what actually happened, who actually got hurt the worst in the fray. Looks like, everyone tied. Then, just a couple steps later, Lund finds the lifeless body of his dog. He believes that the mountain lions got the poor boy and he wonders, “Why’s it gotta cost so much to die?” and we see that the landscape’s shifted just a little bit once again.

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